Sunday, December 18, 2011

Instructor - Tasks and Responsibilities

The Tutor

The instructor will make the effort to enable the college pupil to develop a better understanding of the material by describing principles, offering examples, performing computations, etc. These training activities apply to assisting learners pass examinations like the Sequence 7 Examination or the CFA Examination as well as to assisting learners get better qualities in their fund sessions. For fund sessions, instructors do not complete preparation projects, get ready articles or take examinations for learners. However, instructors make the effort to give learners the necessary skills to be able to accomplish these tasks individually of the instructor. In the long run, it is substantially cheaper for the college pupil to understand the principles rather than pay a instructor or similar person everytime an task needs to be completed. Preferably, training, whether it be for the Sequence 7 Examination, the CFA Examination or for fund sessions, should serve as a complement to the learners own efforts. Occasionally, learners do not have time to study the books or study notes. In this situation, the instructor serves as an instructor, offering much more information. Additionally, Tutors should get ready for the training sessions by examining the necessary components.

The Student

Through training sessions, the college pupil aims to understand the principles in order to get greater ratings on examinations such as the Sequence 7 Examination and the CFA Examination and to get greater qualities on documents, projects, and examinations related to fund courses. The college pupil should view training as a complement to their independent studying. Prior to training sessions, the college pupil should have already study the components to be protected during the training period. This structure results in the most beneficial type of training period. Without enhance preparation on the part of the college pupil (and the tutor), sessions may be less than optimal. Students should provide the instructor with a list of topics to be protected during the training period and also submit components to the instructor well before the sessions. (when applicable or necessary).

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